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Last updated: 4/7-2023

You are welcome to use as a source of information about Swedish society. It is also important, however, that the content is not taken out of context. For that reason, we have guidelines on how content on the website may be used.

Using texts from on another website or in another publication

The texts on are copyright protected. You are allowed to quote parts of the content. When you quote something, it must be clear where the text is taken from. Add a link to the relevant part of You are not allowed to use entire texts and republish them as part of your own publication.

Using texts from if you work with asylum seekers and recent arrivals

If you work for an organisation that provides information or education to asylum seekers and recent arrivals, you may use content from in your teaching material, e g in your presentation (PowerPoint or similar). State that the source is You can also print pages from the website.

Content from must be free of charge for all users.

The images on are copyright protected

All the images on are copyright protected and may not be copied or used in other contexts.